From Overwhelm to Awe:

14 Expert Interviews on Death, Dying, Grief, and Loss

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Discussions about death are ALIVE and WELL!

Given the cultural taboo of talking about this subject matter, you would think that there wasn't much conversation going on here. But that's far from true.

LifePath Learners is proud to present a dazzling array of end-of-life leaders who are making remarkable headway in an effort to support compassion and innovation around death.

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If you will die, this series is for YOU!

If you love compelling, you will LOVE this series.

If you feel a deep desire for change, you will ADORE IT.

If you are open to fresh perspectives, THIS IS YOUR JAM!

Change often requires disrupting the status quo. It involves knowing there are possibilities waiting to be discovered, and being willing to move forward without certainty. We may not know where this journey will lead us but are being called to take the ride!

Join LifePath Learners in creating some ripples!

Feed Your HEad & Nourish Your Soul

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A Delicious Death: HOW TO On YOUR Own Terms

Alison's parents knew how they wanted to die. But their plans could not have been more different from one another! Enjoy this uplifting and revealing look at two distinct options.

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Deathbed Visions: I SEE Dead People

This cross-cultural phenomenon usually signals that death is near. Martha shares her expertise on what these visions often mean, and helps us to gain more understanding and insight as we support the dying.

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THE Hospice Doctor's Widow: HEARTFELT EXCERPTS FROM a caregiver's journal

Many of us don't think about hospice doctors dying. Jennifer's "widow wisdom" is heartbreaking, yet hilarious at times. She asks...can we be at peace with death?

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Human Composting: A NatURAL ALternative to BuRIAL and Cremation

Natural Organic Reduction (NOR) has just begun but is gaining traction in the US. Returning bodies to the earth as soil seems natural to some. For others, it's a concept that takes some getting used to. Meet the company that started it all.

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Dying To Be HEard: The Pitfalls of TRaditional Advance Directives

Up to 90% of advance directives are misinterpreted by medical teams. An emergency department physician, whose research confirmed these medical errors, joins us to share an innovative tool that drastically minimizes these misinterpretations.

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Choosing VSED: ALAN's extraOrdinary life and Death

The incredible love story of Phyllis and Alan is now being made into a film. This is the journey of how Alan's decision came to be and how harrowing it was to pursue his choice.

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It is no secret that marginalized populations receive varying levels of quality healthcare - and the LBGTQ+ community is just one. In this interview, we learn what we can do to model inclusivity.

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Self-Care FOR THE end-of-life CAREGIVER

Massages and mani-pedis are great. But depending on them for sustainable self-care is like using a bandaid for a gaping wound. Sheila shares how to connect to our most accessible and powerful resources for lasting self-care results.

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Medical AId In Dying: Compassionate, Compelling, Controversial

Learn the real facts behind MAID, and what it takes to make this decision. As an end-of-life doula, Lynne has experience working with patients and families who have chosen this controversial route.

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Who knew you could laugh while learning about death? Our guests share the impact of their card game on the death and dying industry, and the culture shift that can be created when we start having wholehearted conversations.

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Our guest is a prolific creator of cultural transformation. When we recognize that the dinner table takes center stage for some of our most important conversations, it makes sense to set a place for death.

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A Unique Brand of Palliatve care: Spirited AND Sacred

If you are going to die, these are the physicians you would want by your side. They focus on finding out how you want to live and help you do it well until your last breath. They believe death is a human experience, not a medical one.

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The star of a feature documentary provides insight into frontline hospice work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelle answers questions and provides her take on the opportunities and blessings that have arisen as a result of this challenging time.

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The GRIEF Paradox: HOW Joy and Sorrow CAN COEXIST

The flip side to grief is joy. It is the price we pay to experience vistas that are otherwise kept hidden from sight. Join us for this uplifting and unique perspective on how grief can help to foster appreciation and joy.

Thanks for sharing these amazing trainings!

I have heard from some of my volunteers that they LOVE THEM!!!

Barb S.

Hospice Volunteer Coordinator - Bloomington, Minnesota

I want to thank you for allowing us to be part of these amazing conversations. What a transforming experience this is.

I am especially filled with admiration and respect for Phyllis Shacter.

Thank you, Angelika, MD

The discussion was wonderful. And thank you for these offerings! I always appreciate every single one! You could talk about mud and I would sign up :) How may I best give back to you? With all sincerity, I truly mean. You have been one of the greatest gifts!

Lynnelle H., Cleveland, OH

These presentations are utterly riveting and seriously infused with wisdom, and clear thinking. The level of detail was very helpful for me, as I am sometimes in the quiet seat of giving advice around these processes.

Thank you!! And another thank you!!

Best, Laura J - Santa Fe, NM

Thank you for all of the wonderful ways you help open our hearts and minds!

Sue B.

Bloomington, MN

I probably watch Zoom education 5 to 12 hours a week, depending on what is interesting to me. I just want to tell you that I really enjoy the way you interview people. It’s refreshing and skillful, so thanks for making it all so fun!

Kim M., Denver, CO

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Your Interview Host

Patty Burgess is the founder of Teaching Transitions, Doing Death Differently, The Death Chicks, and the co-founder of both Your Voice Directives and LifePath Learners.

Patty has been at the forefront of the death awareness movement for over 20 years, beginning when she struggled to support a dear friend who was dying. Since that time, she has been a hospice volunteer, volunteer trainer, community educator, and creator of a well-known hospice volunteer training platform.

A strong proponent of the end-of-life doula movement, Patty was one of the original seven founders of NEDA, (the National End-of-Life Alliance), and was selected as one of the charter members of the NHPCO End-of-Life Doula Council.

Her latest venture is LifePath Learners, co-founded with Sheila Schultz, a fellow EOL doula and advance care planning educator. The company serves as a container for their combined interests, providing training services and enrichment products for those wishing to help others prepare, cope, and adapt to challenging times later in life.


LifePath Learners contributes educational and inspirational offerings to the aging, death, and dying industry. We are all learners on this path of life.

Join us on the way!



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